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Christopher Andrews

Christopher Andrews

Owner @ Stimuli Sight & Sound LLC

Chris Andrews Owner Stimuli Sight & Sound

Chris Andrews started Stimuli Sight & Sound LLC back in 2003. He is an audio video consultant, installer, and dealer based in Dover, NH serving the New England Seacoast.

His passion for audio video can be traced back to his pre-professional days. As a young adult installing sound systems in cars and eventually transitioning to residential and commercial systems.

Serving homeowners, businesses, restaurants, gyms, school systems, and more... his goal is to help you have the audio-video system of your dreams.

Whether you are considering a new project, are in the middle of a project, or are looking to redesign your current system... Chris is happy to chat with you!

Expertise in:

Chris has expertise in designing, installing, and maintaining audio and video systems in residential or commercial settings. He is knowledgeable about various types of equipment, including speakers, amplifiers, receivers, televisions, projectors, screens, and cabling.

Audio Systems : Skilled in designing and installing sound systems, including speakers, amplifiers, and receivers. He can create a custom setup that fits the specific needs and preferences of the client.

Video Systems : He can design and install video systems, such as home theaters, televisions, projectors, tv walls, and screens. He can also install video conferencing systems for remote communication.

Cabling and Wiring : Knowledgeable about the different types of cabling and wiring needed for audio and video systems. He can ensure that the cabling is installed correctly and is hidden from view.

Network Connectivity: Expertise in configuring and installing network connectivity for audio and video systems. This includes setting up wireless networks, routers, and other networking equipment.

Troubleshooting and Maintenance : Can troubleshoot any issues that arise with the system and provide ongoing maintenance and support to ensure optimal performance.

Overall, he has expertise in creating a high-quality audio and video experience that meets the needs and preferences of his clients.