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Recessed Automated TV Install With Surround Sound

Recessed Automated TV Install With Surround Sound System

Here is an overview of a new project that just wrapped up in collaboration with Green Monster Landscapes LLC!

As Green Monster Landscapes renovated the wall and fireplace, we at Stimuli Sight & Sound were brought in to add a technology piece.

The customer wanted to have a big TV and surround sound system for the entire space so we worked with them and the contractor to design and engineer what it would look like.

We installed a 77-inch LG OLED TV above the fireplace with a recessed automated mount from MantelMount so that when the TV turns on it automatically moves to the perfect viewing height.

As far as audio goes, we added a Sonos Arc sound bar surround sound system that follows the TV as it comes down, a wireless Sonos sub, and two surround sound speakers to give them that full surround sound experience.

To finish it off, we engineered it so that all the cables would pass through a low-profile enclosure making the final presentation seamless and integrated with the wall and fireplace.

Happy to say the customer was thrilled with how it all turned out and we are thankful for fellow businesses like Green Monster Landscapes who bring us in on jobs like these.

We hope this project overview has sparked some new ideas for your residential installation or commercial space installation with our surround soundbar system.

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Christopher Andrews

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